Monday, December 14, 2009

Why won't the Biore Pore Strips work?

I%26#039;ve used the Biore pore strips a couple of times and they never take out anything. There are just as many blackheads on my nose as before and it just makes my nose smooth.

Why aren%26#039;t they working? Am I missing something? And I followed all of the instructions on the box...|||when you look at the strip, can you see the little spikes of oil from your pores? look closely..

if not, then youre doing it wrong. dont follow the box.. take the strip off AS SOON as you feel it become slightly hard. dont worry about the clock, just feel it with your fingers.

when you pull it off, pull it SLOWLY and pull out away from your face.

the whole trick to them working is the art of taking the strip off|||yeah, sometimes that happens to me too. make sure the strip is hard before you take it off, and peel it off slowly so the blackheads will stick. look closer (maybe set it at eye level) and then you will probably see at least a few of them sticking onto there. also, i%26#039;ve heard steaming your face or taking a hot shower (i do that) before putting one on is helpful. oh, and make sure that you dont use it more than twice a week b/c it can be harmful to your skin and the blackheads probably wont be building up, so there%26#039;s nothing to pull out.|||The best way to get the strips working is, first of all steam your face for approximately 5-10 minutes,then place the strip on to your nose and wait until the strip becomes hard and then peel it of slowly.|||I find that they work a lot better if you use them right after a hot shower or steaming your face. They%26#039;ve never done much for me though.|||make sure your nose is wet when you put them on

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