Wednesday, December 30, 2009

In what order: Deep cleanser, Toner, and Pore Refining Scrub?

All from Burts Bees. The Deep cleanser is %26quot;Soap Bark and Chamomile Deep Cleansing Cream. The Toner is Rosewater and Glycerin Toner. And the Refining Scrub is Natural Acne Solutions: Pore Refining Scrub. I actually also have a clay mask, and the Neutrogena Wave. The Wave removes dead skin cells. In what order do I use these for clear skin that lasts????|||scrub, cleanser then toner on a regular basis

then if your feeling lazy, only use the wave then toner

or if you feel like beig super migh maintenance throw in the mask first, then do your typical routine|||first would be the face cleanser ,toner,face moisturizer.

Remember to use pore scrub just 2 a week no more than that it can dry out you skin. the face mask is only to used 1a week clay mask absorbs oil so don%26#039;t do it more that than it also can dry out your skin.

I don%26#039;t know how many years you have but is too much stuff for your young face you don%26#039;t need all that to have good skin I would skip the toner %26amp; the neutrogena wave.|||I%26#039;d say deep cleanser, pore refining scrub, then toner.

You always cleanse the face first, then apply toner to your damp face. Just towel dry after you wash your face but it%26#039;s better if it%26#039;s still a little damp when you apply the toner. Allow the toner to dry on your face completely, then what follows the toner would be something like moisturizer and/or sunscreen.|||always the scrub first, it gets rid of all dead skin and build up! its great.

now the deep cleanser, since all the bad stuff is gone this will sooth skin.

last is the toner to clean your now fantastic skin!

also use the mask once every one to two weeks for best results, and the wave every two to three days to help with the build up and freshness. LUCK!|||Okay. i used to hav acne and just recently cleared it up using derma. cleaser. The order is deep clean, then refine your pores and then tone to minimize pores so that they stay clean.|||i would do

1. pore refiner

2. deep cleanser

3. toner

i%26#039;m not an expert but i definitely know toner is last.|||toner is usually last

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