Saturday, December 26, 2009

I have many blackheads on my nose, how can I get rid of them and make my pore small?

Biore strips. You can get them in a pack of 7 or like $10. After you do that you just have to get into the habit of cleaning your face everyday.|||hey ur not alone i have that tooo

1. u take the egg and separate the yellow one and the white one.u use the white one and put it on your nose.then cover it with a tissue!It smells bad but it works!after 15 minutes pill the tissue off and u%26#039;ll see pore and blackheads on the tissue.but make sure u wash ur face (especially the nose) with ur facial wash and touch ur nose!it%26#039;ll feel softer and keep doing it every 3 days !it works fast !make sure u reduced your oil eating cause that could make the egg less working!

2. take one tablespoon black pepper powder and add to it enough yogurt to make thick paste. Apply and let it dry and wash off after 5-7 min

hope that helped. i haveent used this cures yet, but i am going too =)|||facials are the best way to get rid of black heads, but if you can%26#039;t have one there is another way.

1. Wash and cleanse your face

2. Steam your face so your pores open up

3. Get some tweezers that are designed to take out blackheads (avon sells them cheap) and gently take out your blackheads. Sorry but this will hurt a lot.

4. Put a mask on your face for about 10-15 minutes and then wash off.

Hope that helps. Good luck!

Hope that|||a facial is the best for blackheads all over your face and body. ;)|||I dunno but when you find out, can you tell me? I have a billion on my nose!!! Thanks!!!!



-Gracie!|||me 2|||Cleanse your face with unboiled milk, gently rub a coarse cloth dipped in milk to remove the blackheads. Steam your face with herbs like lavender, lemon peel and mint leaves added to the water and let the skin soak up its goodness. Check out for more useful tips to control blackheads.

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