Wednesday, December 30, 2009

If Qantas is in trouble or problems, why don't they seek help from SIA ? S'pore Will be too willing to help. ?

They have discuss on working together in the past but dropout due to unrevealed matters. Can try again on the co-operation for both benefits.|||there were no problems like those recently when the work was done her in Australia, they should go back to the original system where nearly everything was done in Australia. Cost cutting has been the cause for all the problems.|||That would be an option. Anything developed or committed to

the better service or situations in the future is an absolute plus

for all the Airline, its panicky shareholders....( whom keep writing

in this forum , with bias ) .

And the public who keep trying to believe in an Airline who once

had 100 % Safety rating !

But something definitely has to be addressed and sticking the

Head in the Sand ........won%26#039;t bring those answers. People need

to know and people DESERVE to Know....|||The issues currently dogging Qantas have only become common when maintenance was outsourced to SIA, Malaysian etc so why ask SIA they%26#039;re part of the problem

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