Saturday, December 26, 2009

I have really big pored so i was wondering a cheap product that makes them smaller?

i dont have blackheads but the pores on my nose are very noticeable. i was wondering if there would any products that would help with this and with my pimples that is sold at walgreens or cvs. thanks!|||There is nothing that will change the size of your pores. If there was, we would all have great complexions! Just make sure you wash you face daily with a gentle cleanser, like Cetaphil) to keep the pores from getting clogged.|||larg pores are genetic there not much you can do to actualy make them smaller but you can use skin tone cover up to make them less noticable or use other makeup to draw peoples eyes to another part of your face, like eyes.|||Either Helene Mint Julep, which works well and makes your face feel rejuvenated, or a mud mask.|||Queen Helene mint julep mask is supposed to help as are other clay based masks. So far I haven%26#039;t noticed a difference, but I am awful about religiously sticking to a routine. I%26#039;ll only do it for two days before I get bored of it.|||There are lots of pore minimizing products found at the drugstore. Pick a brand you know is ok for your skin. Try the Biore pore minimizing strips. These have a heat based technique for lifting dirt. They are not very comfortable but do the job.

The key here is not so much the product but your skin care routine. Wash once a day (exfoliate once a week), use a good toner or astringent at night, moisturize and dont pick at blemishes.|||There may be many products out there that would work. The key is to use products with salicylic acid and/or alpha or beta hydroxy acids. These acids keep pores clear and tight and salicylic acid is great for acne. One line I know of is Neutrogena Pore reducing cleanser and toner. I have tried both and they worked well, even just the toner. If you use these and use a light moisturizer afterwards, you should see some difference in pore size, though keep in mind, once pores are stretched, you can%26#039;t really get them back lik before.

The only drawback to using pore refining products as above is they can be a bit harsh on sensitive skin. You can either use only once a day or use a sensitive skin toner (just a regular toner, not one with acids, though they won%26#039;t work quite as well). Or you can use a gentle cleanser like cetaphil, and just use the toner, if you find your skin is irritated.

So, you should try the Neutrogena line, it worked well. The only reason I stopped using it is because I use clinique now.

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