Saturday, December 26, 2009

What will Happen If I use The Biore Pore Strips-For the nose- on My face?

Nothing, they%26#039;re just the wrong shape.

Get the face strips.|||Yeah.... u can use that, Bio Pore strips are strips which are applied on the face to remove black heads and to open up clogged pores which are one of the causes of acne.

But make sure to apply non-comedogenic (non-pore-clogging) mosturizer after using that.|||It won%26#039;t be any different than the actual face strips. I use the nose ones on my face all the time if I run out. They have the same ingredients really. Only difference is the shape.|||Nothing, they actually make face strips, but they%26#039;re they same material, just a different shape than the nose ones...

Just make sure you keep them away from under your eyes where the skin is really thin and sensitive|||Well i found that the black head ones didnt do anygood.

If you want to get rid of black heads use clearasil foaming wash, it works like a charm!!

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