Wednesday, December 30, 2009

I need a blackhead/clogged pore removal method that actually WORKS?

Please only answer if you have this problem.

In other words, what methods of extraction have worked for YOU?!|||

this worked for me, especially on my nose|||I%26#039;ve tried several products both high end and inexpensive over the last 20 year and I can truely say that Proactive has been the best product I%26#039;ve ever seen and is reasonable price, ez to obtain however like everything else you%26#039;ve got to continue daily use and have a daily regimine for prevention.

By the way my brothers, sister and my teenagers swear by it. |||clinique acne solutions

its a green bottle

i put it on like.....maybe 3 times a day and it gets rid of them fast. also try that new thing that%26#039;s out, like from clean %26amp; clear or whatever. the maching that like gets rid of them. idk if it works tho, try it if you want. i%26#039;d go with clinique or olay products, those are great.

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