Saturday, December 26, 2009

How can i reduce pore size?

what product or what ways would i use/do to reduce the size of the pores in my cheeks?|||I Wish!

You cannot reduce the size of your facial pores. Facial masks to remove excess oil and unblock pores can diminish the appearance, but does not reduce your pore size.|||I wanted to know the same thing and my dermatologist says you cannot reduce the size of pores, just use products that don%26#039;t absorb into them as much, which shows how big they are.

I use Bare Minerals and it seems to glide over the pores to make them appear smaller.|||You can%26#039;t reduce your pore size, it%26#039;s genetic. However, you can make them appear smaller by taking some certain steps in the morning and evening:

1. Cleanse

2. Tone

3. Moisturize

and a couple of times a week exfoliate.|||ProActiv is the best, in my opinion. I use to have pore problems everyday, until I got ProActiv. It really helped out. It didn%26#039;t completely CLEAR my face, but it%26#039;s done a lot of help. If it%26#039;s only a couple of pores you want to reduce the size of, you can use %26quot;Clean and Clear Acne Spot.%26quot; I heard that really helps and it zaps, or reduces the size of your pores in just a few days! Also, if you don%26#039;t have any cash on you at the moment, you can try putting toothpaste on them. It really works!|||i have big pores and what i use faithfully is neutrogena%26#039;s clear overnight pore treatment. works like a charm and shrinks my pores.

the only problem is if you put on too much then it takes a while longer to dry.

it comes with the neutrogena acne face wash and is a little white bottle.

there is an image of it down below in the source listV|||get a will shrink pores....also if you ice your face it can reduce pores too (or so i have heard) but i know a masque works for sure. my mom is an ethetician.

if you wannt spring for the expensive stuff that tends to work better than the CVS pharamacy stuff|||biore

works great|||In the shower, wash your face with hot/warm water and dove soap. Don%26#039;t scrub, gently clense. Rinse your face, and then turn the water to cold. Splashing cold water on your face will tighten up your pores and make them look smaller.

The shower steam opens your pores, you clean all the dirt and oil out, and then the cold water closes them again.|||Use clearsil. Clean and moisturize skin, don%26#039;t sleep in make-up.

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