Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Does estee lauder's "idealist pore minimizing skin refinsher" really work?should i buy it?

Minimizing pores is one of the hardest things to do, and is darn near impossible. Many times the things that do help to reduce their size can be a bit uncomfortable to the skin. Here is some advise to try and help. If you are having enlarged pores then it is time to examine your routine. Are you using a cleanser twice a day? You should. Do you have a toner? Even and inexpensive toner helps to ensure the skin is free from damaging oils and buildup of product which can increase pore diameter. Are you moisturizing twice a day with appropriate moisturizers? I say moisturizers because many times the cream you use for day may be very different than the one for night. For people with enlarged pores many times using a moisturizer made to refine pores helps. Look for ingredients like glycolic acid or salysilic acid, but only use a cream with these ingredients at night as it increases sun sensitivity. Are you drinking lots of water? Hydrating your body helps purge the skin of impurities and toxins. It also gives you body the hydration it needs to take care of daily processes that help refine the skin surface. Are you exfoliating at least once a week with a light granuled scrub? You should be. This is important to help keep the pores clean and the skin free of dry patches.

You can try a product that claims to refine pores. Many times they do help, but if you find that after using the product for a month that you haven%26#039;t seen any results then take it back and try somethng different. I like Estee Lauder brands, they have a high quality product and use good formulations. It could be worth a try.

I personally use Bare Escentuals Rare Minerals night treatment after my regular skin care regimen. This product is supposd to refine the skin in general, but one of it%26#039;s claims is that it reduces pore diameter. I personally feel it does work. I say try things and take them back if you aren%26#039;t seeing results. These products are expensive and should do what they claim if used properly.

If you still are finding you are having a problem, or you have really large pores then it might be a good idea to talk to a dermtologist about what can be done cosmetically to help. They might recommend some procedures and products that in combination can totally refine your skin. Good luck!|||I have tried some estee lauders cosmetics, and really none of anything from Estee Lauder works for me.So really, don%26#039;t bother.|||I%26#039;m having luck in that area with plain old baking soda|||no! load a c---p|||Clinique%26#039;s works, so Estee Lauder%26#039;s prolly does too, but the results are temporary.

But for me it lasted almost till the end of the day.|||well nothing gets rid of huge pores. it doesn%26#039;t hurt to try somthing that will maybe minimize the appearance for temporary effect.

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