Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Who knows a homemade pore cleanser mask, as well as one of pore closer?Have you tried them?

honey lemon and egg white, mix it all together and put on your face and let it dry then wash with warm water and pat dry also don%26#039;t talk while the mask is on. It Works really good for me.|||I%26#039;m not sure of any %26quot;homemade%26quot; masks, Im always too scared too try them because everything makes me break out, but for what it%26#039;s worth Biore just came out with a new %26quot;clay%26quot; like mask that really works and cleans your pores. It also makes your skin feel really soft and didn%26#039;t break me out, You get about 6-8 masks for $7. I%26#039;ve tried everything even expensive masks from Sephora.. So far Biore is the only one I%26#039;ve seen results from!!!|||sugar, limon, adn a lothle of water its a good convination. you just mix it. Then wait a little and its like a cream, then you just wash your face with no-so-hot water. Your face wilkl be smooth.|||My mom used cucumber peels.|||toothpaste works

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