Wednesday, December 30, 2009

How do u make ur pore holes smaller?

how?|||Pore refining toner. By Neutrogena.|||1) Steam clean- fill a bowl with near boiling water and hold your face about 20cm from top of bowl for about 10 mins (this will open up your pores so you can clear them easier)

2) Get a blackhead remover and squeeze out any excess dirt that is blocking your pores and making them bigger and more noticeable

3) Wipe a good quality toner all over your face (this will help shrink the now clean pores back and reduce redness-DON%26#039;T wear make up for atleast 4-5 hours, wait a whole day if you can)

4) Do a weekly or fortnightly face mask, something that has tea tree oil in it is great.

Basically, if your pores are cleaned out, they should look %26#039;normal%26#039;, and keeping up a regime will only help it over time. Seeing a dermatologist will also help. Good Luck!

|||I use to suffer from huge pores, they don%26#039;t completely go away, but then its not as noticeable as before no more. Exfoliate your skin, wash your face day and night, use skincare that claims to make your pore smaller, it works a bit and if you see no progress work with the next one. Neutrogena pore refiner works really well for me. Microdermabrasion works really well for me. Also use skin tightening toner. |||ok my pores was huge but now it completly gone i used to mix rose water with starch ( it is product look like Flour i don%26#039;t know if you kave it ) or just use rose water before you sleep and wash it in the morning and you can use lemon juice but not for long time just for 10 min good luck|||To put it simply...You cant get them smaller.

There are products on the market that claim to, but if you have large pores they will be large forever.

Hope this helps


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