Saturday, December 26, 2009

Why the foreign labour still want to come to M;sia althought our Rm and wages are so low compare to HK,S.pore?

Most of the foreing workers who come to Malaysia are from very poor families. Able to pay the recruitment agencies in their countries to go overseas to work is not within everyone means.

Malaysia might offer lower salaries than Singapore, HK, Korea, Taiwan or even middle east countries but coming to Malaysia is much cheaper than going to the other countries. Only a handful of these foreigner can afford to pay their recruitment fees for employment in Singapore or Hong Kong. A good example is Korea. Korea offers very attractive salary but each foreigner would have to pay 3 to 4 times more recruitment fees than he would if he was to come to Malaysia.

In addition to the above, countries like Singapore , Hong Kong or Korea are very strict as far as recruitment of foreigners is concerned unlike Malaysia where though supposed to be equally strict but due to corruption approvals to bring in foreign workers were easily dished out to those who could afford to pay.Over in Malaysia, with money, an employer can bring in number of foreigners in excess of its requirement and that%26#039;s the reason why many of these workers are roaming all over Malaysia to find jobs illegally.|||1st - Malaysia government officials are poor in controlling foreigners in working in Malaysia

2nd - These foreigners are of very low standard and quality cannot get work in other countries

3rd - Wage very very cheap, don%26#039;t ask too much especially the illegal workers, Malaysian likes very much

4th - Malaysia RM still higher than their countries|||1 ) Easy to enter - Low supervision . They can even swim to go here

2 ) Communication - Easy for Indonesian

3 ) Job opportunity - Malaysia is bigger that Singapore and offer lots of job|||Maybe because the job opportunities is more here compared to Singapore. Entering Malaysia legally or illegally could be easier.|||IT IS EASY TO ENTER YOUR BORDERS AND EMPLOYERS DON%26#039;T ASK IF YOU CAN LEGALLY WORK OR THEY KNOW IT AND THEY WANT TO SAVE MONEY BY PAYING THEM LESS.|||HK and Spore are very strict when it comes to foreign labour, but Malaysia%26#039;s law is flexible .. thats why so easy for them to come here|||True but then if you were to compare Rm with Rp and Thai Baht, Rm is still king in value.|||Because Malaysian are much friendly than the others that u have mention.|||becuz msia nasi lemak veli cheap...|||Passo have all the answer, i don%26#039;t think i should type more..

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