Saturday, December 26, 2009

S'pore/ M'sia students in Australia? What did you bring from home to Australia which was really useful?

Hi! i m doing a 4 year course in Australia and currently back in Singapore for holidays...and m thinking what to bring back...

In my first year, I brought pots and pans and discovered them to be cheaper in Australia!! And ditto for rice cookers and slow cookers; thank God I didn%26#039;t bring those!!

But I have found some items like shoes and stationary to be much cheaper back home. What else did you bring back to Australia OR wished that you had brought?

Thanks for sharing!|||G%26#039;day,

TonyB... YOU%26#039;RE LEGEND MATE!! Of course the answer may not look very favorably by the customs, but hey... the question is asking what do we wish to bring right? ;) If you do, please take the DVD%26#039;s off the plastic sleeves.

Hmmmm... summer clothings are generally cheaper there as well. However, having said that, there are plenty retail outlets here in Melbourne that sell original branded stuff (for clothing and shoes) at a fraction of the price you are paying in big retail chain shops and I know that quite a lot of travel and tours agents who specially spend a day in Melbourne just for shopping.

Computer stuff are usually cheaper there as well (eg. USB key drives). However please be careful of warranty. Obviously if anything wrong, it%26#039;s gonna be harder to claim it in Oz.

Servants/housemaids? ;P

Bicycles (pushbikes, not motorbikes)... definitely cheaper there!

OK... that%26#039;s my wishlist. Will you bring some for me? Have a good holiday mate.|||After living in Melbourne for over 4 years and being able to travel back and forth many times a tear due to my job, I find that electronic goods like DVD players, digital cameras, computer hardware are cheaper than in Australia. However the advantage in Australia is that if what you buy does not work you can always take it back, get a refund or a replacement.

Some brands of cosmetics are cheaper in Singapore/Malaysia than Australia. Alcoholic drinks like brandy, whisky, etc are cheaper at the Singapore duty-free shops compared to Melbourne.|||suntan lotion,clothes,pens,papers,shoes as well..|||Copied DVD%26#039;s

that%26#039;s what I bring home to Aus whenever I visit Malaysia.

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