Saturday, December 26, 2009

How much do you know of 'KISS'? Will you give the support to his coming show in S'pore this year?

KISS is doing something NEW in S%26#039;pore soon as being interviewed at CNA channel, yesterday. Watch out for MORE !!!

Kiss to release new album at Wal-Mart, Sam%26#039;s Club - Yahoo! News…

======================================…|||they have to be too old to have enough time to spend all of their money, why are they STILL doing promotions?|||I%26#039;ve heard of them, yet don%26#039;t like that kind of crappy music. i like rap, pop, dance, alternative,|||Ok. That sounds great!|||no|||Haha you should go tell my brother. Not me. O_O|||I liked that band..but i%26#039;m not in for this...|||uh...wrong section....but still i don%26#039;t like that band...

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