Saturday, December 26, 2009

I have a clogged pore that I cannot clean out!?

It is about 1/2 inch away from my nose on my cheek and has been clogged for over six months. I have tried using my fingers but can%26#039;t get a good hold on it. I%26#039;ve used scrubs, also. A hard layer of skin also grows over the pore but easily comes off when gently rubbed. How do I clean it up?|||It might be a skin cyst.|||Do not touch it any further, this will result in more bacteria entering other pores which will result in more %26#039;clogged%26#039; pores. Is that a pimple? Or like a hole you with like slightly darker stuff in the middle..? I have acne. Hi.

I suggest using some type of cleanser.|||You can use an eletric toothbrush or you can just get proactive.

I hope this helps and god bless.|||If it%26#039;s really a clogged pore, I would gently pierce it. It worked for me but it%26#039;s a very bad idea.|||I had one of those for about a year in the same spot.

Here%26#039;s what i did.

Boil a pot of water, take it off the stove once it starts bubbling. hold your face over it for 2 minutes and let your face start sweating.

This is the best way to open your pores. Once the two minutes is up, try and clean it.|||OMG!!! you so need to read Beetle Bailey comic strips!!!|||Try a needle. Sounds painful, but it%26#039;s not bad.|||Try boiling a pot of water. Once it boils and begins to steam turn the stove off and put your face near the pot but not all of the way in it. Once you%26#039;ve done this you may put a towel over your head if you desire. After you%26#039;ve finish (when you start to sweat to much or it gets to hot) . Wipe your face with alcohol pads or a cotton ball with alcohol. This should clear the pore out.|||Soak face in hot water then wash with astringent.|||try a cutip|||take some very hot water on a paper towel and place it on the area. Leave it there for half an hour and ocasionally take the towel to wet with more hot water. if you have vapor machines it%26#039;s good too. Just use something that will open up tose pores. Then once your pores are open take your fingers and wrap them with some more paper towel (wrap only the fingers you use for zit popping) this will help you get a good hold on it. Then do it as hard as you can untill all the stuff comes out. When it does, scrub your face and then zap the pores closed with icy cold water. then tap dry. this should fix it ;)|||use an electric toothbrush|||steam opens the poor, then you can squeeze it out.|||Have you tried using blackhead strips? Like Biore ones?

Those work for me, I get the ultra ones because I have clogged pores and blackheads that are really deep.

You can try to steam your face, like boil a hot water and when it gets steamy put your face over it for a few seconds and it should open up your pores, you%26#039;ll actually feel your pores opening up and then just use a good scrub and it should get unclogged, but if you tried everything and it doesn%26#039;t work you can go get a facial and they usually clean out your pores (:


Is it a clogged pore? It could be a blackhead.

Or is it a pimple? If it is then leave it alone and try not to touch it, and apply a spot treatment every night

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