Saturday, December 26, 2009

What kind of face product can i use to make my skin glow and smooth.. and close the pore???

i want my face smooth and shiny clean looking wat product can i use??|||For smooth - use a good facial exfoliator. Clinique I think is one of the best for skincare, but if you dont want to go that expensive I use %26#039;St Ives%26#039; from Switzerland, you can buy it in Oz, and England but I%26#039;m not sure about the US, but use your judgement when it comes to brands that are available to you.

Garnier has a %26#039;pore minimizing%26#039; cream. But is more easy to make pores smaller if they are clean, so use a good cleanser Clinique has a great facial foam wash.. and use pore strips for your nose if they are bad, and maybe a toner if you have oil trouble.

When you use an exfoliator, it takes off the dead skin cells and encourages blood flow to your face giving you a nice healthy glow. Dont be too rough, just gentle motions across your face. Then put on a good moisturiser and your skin should good great!!

The sun and sea is fantastic for the skin, my skin always looks amazing after a trip to the beach or two! and the sand and salt are natural exfolitators!!

good luck!|||Consider using miho white essence and miho beauty pack mask (cream base). You mix it together till the texture smooth like the ice-cream form and apply on the face. Miho marigold lotion helps to close up open pores fast and can even be used together with the beauty pack mask. You will feel the firmness and moisturizing effect once you apply it.|||St. Ive%26#039;s Apricot Scrub|||when i was young, i used a few drop of lemon juice, honey, oatmeal mixture and then cover it to my clean face, twice a week.|||mary-kay velocity is really good|||I don%26#039;t use products I make my facials at home here%26#039;s one i would recommend to you-

MASK. Masks serve multiple purposes in a comprehensive facial: They deep-clean, stimulate circulation, remove dead skin and hydrate. Oily or blemished skin responds well to an application of a paste made of Fuller%26#039;s Earth (clay) and mineral water. Avoid the eye area while applying and let the mask set until nearly dry. Then rinse thoroughly with warm water. To hydrate drier skin, use a mix of 1 egg yolk, 1 tablespoon honey and a few drops of safflower oil. Or, to get that firm Academy Awards texture (sans botox), apply 2 egg whites to tighten pores, followed by an application of plain yogurt to brighten the complexion.

I found it at this website called鈥?/a>

Hope it helps you liked it helped me.|||i use noxema for my face and it makes your face feel cool and it makes it really smooth.. the only thing is you can use in or out of the shower but if you use it in the shower it makes it even smoother from the steam in the shower|||You can put shimmery powder on ---it will make it glow. I like Radiance form Bare Escentuals. Swipe on your cheeks, down the nose and a little on the forehead.

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