Saturday, December 26, 2009

I just used pore pads to get rid of blackheads but..?

I just used pore pads to get rid of blackheads, it actually works..

but it still leaves tiny pores on the nose..

will this be gone in the future?|||it usaulayy doenst removed everything you could try popping them but make sure your hands are clean|||yeah those pore pads just get rid of the blackheads temporarily until your skin starts getting oily again the pores will be there forever but sometimes they get smaller looking as you age because they are dryer sometimes they get bigger bcause you pull your skin or squeeze them you could get rid of t hem with a laser treatment but then your skin would be soooooo dry and crack and age. i use this thing called queen helenes mint julep masque its 3$ at most drugstores it keeps my pores clear and my oiliness at bay|||Yes. Keep repeating and soon it will be gone.|||try popping them, i did it and NO SCARS

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