Saturday, December 26, 2009

Wat is d best bank in s'pore to start a deposit account with?

i wan to deposit a fixed portion of my salary with a bank in s%26#039;pore. wat is the best bank to do so? n which plan offers the most out of wat i deposit? thanks|||All banks have direct deposit. Just need to pick a bank, open an account, most of the time the bank will not charge any fee%26#039;s if you open an direct deposit account. The bank will tell you want you need to do.

Good Luck!|||First of all, learn how to use the check spelling box.

Then check out your local Credit Union.

Ask them about, direct deposit...That%26#039;s pronounced, Die-wreak-duh-pos-it...

They will help you...(and from the looks of your post, you need help)

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