Saturday, December 26, 2009

Why do you women wear makeup when it just accentuates every pore and wrinkle on your face?

that%26#039;s only if they wear like a powder/liquid base or cover up... and they use bases to even out there skin tone on their face... personally I only use eyeliner and that%26#039;s it, unless I have a zit, then I use cover up|||what court said|||many dont do it right :) ....sad but true!!|||does it really??? haha.|||cuz either the stupid young girls think it improves their complexion, or the older ones haven%26#039;t learned yet. less is more.|||This only happens if it is not done right. I have seen many bad makeup jobs. . even the ones done by so called professionals. .|||ask the gay men to;) we all do it for many reasons,And not only women wear makeup!!!!!!!! lol|||Depends on the makeup they wear. But the harder you try to look younger the older you look.|||most of the time woman just

wear makeup to COVERup wrinkles

and what not but if you can see then they need a lesson on how to put it on|||Because they are under the false impression it makes them look good, they%26#039;re just in denial.|||because we can!!|||They are wear the wrong color and too much of it!|||.......DOES NOT :%26#039;(|||what court_heart said|||Ummm, I beg to differ....

If make-up is put on properly and you use a good brand, then it will actually cover any inperfections on the skin! :o)|||That%26#039;s just the ones that are rubbish at applying it or think the more you shovel on the better it hides the imperfections.Plenty of woman wear make-up and by being subtle and sticking with the %26#039;less is more%26#039; principle look much better for it.I think the really heavily made up woman lack confidence and hide behind their make-up,which is fair enuff.Believe me if we thought we were good looking enough without the slap we%26#039;d all go without.|||I think make-up mishaps happen for many different reasons.

1. Buying the wrong type of make-up

2. Incorrectly applying the make-up

3. Applying to much make-up

4. Improper skin care (cleansing, moisturizing, etc.)|||Perhaps its because we have nice wrinkles and pores, and they need to be displayed for all to see. =]|||It%26#039;s only when you wear too much makeup or the wrong kind that it looks that way (mostly older women trying too hard to look younger). Most girls do wear makeup, but you can%26#039;t tell they%26#039;re wearing it because they apply it correctly. They just look subtly better.|||I don%26#039;t, but I know A LOT of people that do. They%26#039;re trying to cover up a problem with the thing that caused the problem. (foundation, cover up %26amp; such).

Personally I only wear eyeliner %26amp; eyeshadow, and eyeshadow is only if I%26#039;m doing something important, like going out to dinner or something like that.

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