Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Does pore strips remove any kind of blackhead?

i think i have one its BLACK and on my nose(no mole or any color)|||Dont use those.

They are SO bad for your skin.

Exfoliate instead!

Use the St. Ives Apricot Scrub Blackhead and Blemish Control.

It%26#039;s about $3 at Target.|||if its really bg it wont work probably, those things dont work very well. try some kind of a scrub, or Clean%26amp;Clear Blackhead Earser. St. Ives Apricot Scrub. If worse comes to worse, put water in a pot, boil it over the stove, when its done boiling and the water is still hot, put your face over the water and put a towel over your head so none of the steam gets out. the steam will pen up the pore around the blackhead. then just squeeze your nose around the blackhead and it will pop out.

Any article/website relating to S'pore's reaction to Table-tennis girls 2nd in 2008 Olympics?

I need to do an essay relating to Singapore%26#039;s reaction when the China-born-Singaporean table-tennis girls won the silver medal in the 2008 Beijing Olympics; and I think I read it on the newspapers before, and there were people commenting to it.

So, could anyone provide any links of forum/newspaper articles that are debating or expressing concern to this issue?|||latest news-

Where can I find Nancy Drew PC games right here in S'pore?

The one closest to Woodlands please.And the exact location.

eg. Suntec City Carrefour|||im not sure|||how abt Sim Lim Sq or Funan?or maybe you can try get it online, try search 88db website for the Nancy Drew PC games that you%26#039;re looking for

How to extend stay at s'pore?

im planning to visit s%26#039;pore and ofcourse its only it ok if ill cross malaysia and go back to s%26#039;pore after? how long will they extend it? is it illegal? or what will be the nice way to extend? im from philipines just incase. still a part of asean country. pls help! thanx....|||You can enter Singapore for 14 days and go to Malaysia both visa free since the Philippines is a member of the ASEAN. When you return to Singapore, you will be given another 14 days to stay.

I want to drive from s'pore to m'sia with my dogs for a holiday. is that allowed?

also, which beachside resorts allow dogs?|||Is that place 12 miles from nowhere?|||Singapore to Malaysia (spelling?) Who knows... you can%26#039;t even chew gum in Singapore without getting thrashed by a cane pole!|||I think they EAT dogs there ! ! ! ! !|||WhAAAaaatttt????

Can M'sia and s;pore Christian buy 4D and Toto Jacport?

If you are the true Christian then definitely you wouldn%26#039;t do it ! Its all depend on how much you believe in God and really practice His teaching !

I personally have met some one who pray five times a day yet hooked on empat ekor ! Also some one who are very sensitive and felt easily offended even if you just try to say something not quite good about his religious yet this guy deeply indulge in all kind of gambling !

Christian regardless where are they from can do whatever they wanted to, bottom-line : its between them and the God ! what can we do except advices [ but some would retaliate that was non of your business ] !

To answer you, why not ? Only they themselve are able to decide whether can or not !|||If your source of faith in getting financial blessing is 4ekor, these are young faith believers not into the word yet. it%26#039;s called gambling. easy come money, easily gone...hehe

Strong faith believers are believing in the word of God for financial blessing, God give ideas, you work hard, give your best, from what you%26#039;ve earned-give tithes/offering into the work of the Lord, always thank God for what He has done...that%26#039;s the way.|||I%26#039;m sure they can because if you was to visit a Sports Toto shop in Kuching/Sarawak and look at a queue of say 10 people:

5 would be Christian (Iban/Bidayuh/Chinese)

3 would be Muslim (Malay)

2 would be Taoism (Chinese)|||^

yeah..i agree with bean..

sure they can..

almost everyone i know has ever bought 4D,toto and jackpot lottery..

(that includes buddhist, hindu, tao, christian, catholic..and even muslim offfence though )|||everyone live for the future

future is something everyone hope for including extra money like the end of the rainbow story

I have very acne prone skin and i bought a pore refining mask. how often should i use it?

No more than once a week, to start. If it doesn%26#039;t appear to be irritating your skin or causing beakouts, you can maybe do it once every three days or so. I really think once a week is plenty, though.|||go to a dermatologist.|||every 3 days|||i say use it once to twice a week. wash your face 3 times instead of two. use special acne wash. use a scrubby soap or mix a tablespoon of sugar with a handful of your favorite face wash. use daily. use in the am for a soft rosy glow on your face all day long.|||Once a week for at least 2 weeks,and depending on the results go from there.