Wednesday, April 28, 2010

How can i remove open pore from my face?

sorry bud. You have to live with it. EVERYONE has pores. You can use a toner or astringent to make it less noticeable. Just keep it clean. You can%26#039;t shrink pores.|||Hi! you can obviously not remove pores. I think you have oily skin and that must be a reason why you have open pores. A oil-control cleanser cleans the dust from the open pores, the oil-free toner will bring the pore size to normal. Ensure you put on UV protection moisturizer to protect your skin. I am into skin and health care, let me know if you want details on cleansers and toners.|||You cannot %26quot;remove%26quot; pores as they are a part of the skin over your entire body. You can cleanse them so that they do not get blackheads that are dark and more noticeable.

I suggest getting a facial from a reputable spa, then it will be easier to cleanse at home.|||If you wish to tighten the pore then apply a mixture of lemon juice and cucumber juice equal quantity with a cotton wool. This will also help to clear skin. check out|||What are you talking about, you cannot REMOVE a pore. If you want %26quot;it%26quot; to tighten use an astringent toner. :)|||Check out the links in Health %26amp; Beauty category of and solve your query.

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