Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Biore pore unclogging strips ripped away hair on my face?!?

I just used a pore unclogging strip under my eye area. When i took it off the strip revealed multiple hairs (gross I know, sorry!) and I was wondering if they will grow back thick and if i have to start waxing those things? Thanx!|||no they won%26#039;t grow back thicker|||no they wont grow back thick wont have to start waxing,dont use them under you eye|||No. Actualy it%26#039;s a myth that hair grows back dark and thick. You just ripped away a little peach fuzz which is normal. YOu don%26#039;t need to wax it untill you get to be in your 40s and it begins to darken. Everything is normal, and everything will be fine.

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