Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Any homemade pore-tightening facial mask recipes?

I really need to tighten my pores because they look big enough to be seen and my dermatologist told me not to use those pore purifyers for large pores instead, she told me to use a facial mask so any suggestions?|||Try clay mask for large pores, or any cucumber mask or lemon peel of mask|||put 1 egg white and i tablespoon lemon juice and apply on the face.

wash it after 15 min.|||Don麓t use anything. Those pores match your genetic make up. Their natural. You麓ll have to learn to accept yourself for who you are and the way God intended for you to look. If your茅 wearing make-up,Stop it. Clean your face with pure water,and pat it dry. Buy all natural coco butter and cream until its in the skin. Any camoflauge such as make-up ,not only ruins your skin it also serves as a misconception of your personality and character ! Make-up will accelerate wrinkles.|||KEEP READING, AND YOU WILL FIND PLENTY|||mary kay has a clarifying mask that tightens pores, and helps clear up any stray pimples as well...i love it.|||Yes, use a honey and oatmeal mixture. Not only will it clean your pores. But tighten them as well, might be a little sticky but well worth it and also as it starts cleaning out your pores it will feel itchy another little flaw.|||Try an egg mask,its always worked well for me.

Just use egg whites,lightly beat with a hand mixer until it becomes fluffy,apply to face and let harden. Just rinse off.

A couple times a week should do the trick|||Modeling class advice WITCH HAZEL!! Its used as a toner but after use for a while it will reduce appearance of large pores. Mia!|||Lightly beat an egg white then apply to face ket dry and rinse|||Browse around the cucumber facial mask here:鈥?/a>

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