Monday, April 26, 2010

There is oil and gas poring out of my exhaust on my kx250 why is that?

Could be overfueling or yoiu have bad rings|||Check your carburator.The float could be stuck, you could have a bad crankshaft seal sucking oil into the cylinder from the clutch side.Or the exhaust pipe could be blocked.One more thing is that if the ignition is not firing properly or at all and you try starting it multiple times you%26#039;re pulling the mixture in every time you turn the motor over loading the cylinder up.|||Are you sure it%26#039;s gas and not coolant?

Head gasket is my bet. Another possibility is broken reed valve. Try asking your question on鈥?/a>|||then means it is runing rich and packing in silincer neads replaced it has soaked up to much fuel and oil wear rubber gloves wen changeing packing because it is fiberglass and verry oiley|||I would guess it%26#039;s running really rich. If it runs like crap and is super smoky, then that%26#039;s the deal.

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