Monday, April 26, 2010

When u r eating cereal do u pore the milk or cereal in first?

Cereal first each and every time. To do it the other way around is just wrong, so very wrong.|||Cereal, of course.

If you put cereal into milk (like, say, you want a second bowl and you%26#039;re going to use the milk from the first bowl) the cereal doesn%26#039;t get evenly soggy the way it does if you pour the milk over.

It winds up crunchy and dry in some places, wet in others.

For proper texture, it%26#039;s cereal first.|||cereal cuz wen u pour the milk first, the cereal doesn%26#039;t get soft, it still tastes like ur eating it dry. unless you like that, it%26#039;s up to you:)|||Cereal if you put milk first the cereal will hit the milk and it%26#039;ll fly everywhere.

duh.|||Usually cereal first, but once in awhile for a change, the milk first. If I%26#039;m low on milk I%26#039;ll put milk in first so I can better judge how much cereal I can add before it%26#039;s too dry.|||cereal because the cereal will splash the milk if it is already in the bowl and make a mess.|||u should put cereal in first cuz if u put milk in first den u dnt kno how much cereal u want|||cereal then milk then cereal........then milk then STIR!!!!!|||Cereal:D|||cerealthem milk|||cereal|||cereal=0|||cereal|||Cereal first|||Cereal, fruit, THEN milk|||it has to be cereal. how else will you know the amount of milk to use?|||well i put the cereal in first.|||cereal then milk|||cereal so i can see how much i am pouring|||Cereal..LOL..I should try putting milk in first.

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