Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Is it ok to use pore strips?

because it seriously pulled out the teeny tiny hairs on my what if they grow back big or something. %26quot;/ also, how can i get rid of blackheads?|||Yes, its perfectly ok there are loads of different makes so some might not work, but there safe t use, once you have used one your nose/face may become bright red due to sensitivity of thr skin so just have a 10 min facial afterwards.Pore strips are used to help remove black heads.|||if you%26#039;ve been using pore strips, then it is just fine.

it does help in removing blackheads and white heads too.

however, if you haven%26#039;t tried it and you have really small pores, it is not advisable because it will pull out whatever it can and sometimes, making your pores seem bigger.|||I love them, use them like once a month. The hair doesn%26#039;t come back gross, I don%26#039;t even notice it.

Pore strips work well on blackheads, after use a toner. And use an ex foliating scrub, too. But like when you wash your face in the morning.|||it%26#039;s okay to use pore strips. i%26#039;ve tried that before but carrot juice works better. it removes blackheads better and it%26#039;s painless. just apply it to your face daily.;-)|||I never had a problem with pore strips. Also, I think pore strips are supposed to get rid of blackheads.

I removed black heads on my nose with a thin layer of wax before. Works the same as a pore strip.|||yes it is. use biore%26#039;s strips.

use a good black head scrub...

or even st ives apricot scrub|||oh whew!

i thought u said

porn strips

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