Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Can I Use Duck Tape as Pore Strips?

I know there are pore strip mad specifcally(spelling) for the face, I was just wondering could duck tape work as the cheap man cleanising pore strip. I mean its really stick and what not. Would it be bad to use it on my face.

Should I just shell out the bucks and by the biore pore strips|||duck tape will just sit on top and hurt like a betch. it won%26#039;t really get in there like pore strips will. also i don%26#039;t think that duck tape is any cheaper than biore.|||No way! All they will do is hurt when you pull it off and will not accomplish removing black heads. Biore strips work, but you have to use them every week or so, they are not a permanent solution because there isn%26#039;t one. Wash your face twice a day and use a toner to cut down oil, the main cause of black heads.|||biore only work temporally

try a mask

orange juice

mix with flour untill cream like

leave on for 10-45 minutes

answer my question?;鈥?/a>|||Not unless you want some really bad skin problems like having no skin at all! Buy the strips!|||haha, you could try it, or try looking for less expensive pore strips that work better than tape. :p|||sure have at it hahahahah|||nono dont do that

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