Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Any reccomendations of a SINCERE and TRUSTWORTHY vet in s'pore?

ive brought my dog to the same vet a few times regarding his health.

-1st he was losing weight rapidly as he lost his appetite totally and had diarrhea and vomitted daily.

so he vet told me he jus had a sensitive stomach due to its aging and gave him several jabs and a some medication

indeed he did gain weight real quick after tt but i feel it wasn/t the medication that helped. mayb the diarrhea pills helped but

the rest were not exactly useful. i paid a BOMB!!

-2nd time i brought him there as he was limping slightly and i felt a prominent lump on his back tigh tt could be moved around. this same vet told me they were lymp nodes and once again gave him several jabs and some medication and bid me goodbye saying my dog%26#039;s condition was rather positive.

I paid quite a sum as well.

HOWEVER,after a few weeks the medication is almost finished and my dog is limping is way more severe and now its front leg is affected! so he can hardly walk at all|||Hi i live in singapore too!!

Since we are getting our dog in 4 days only i have never visited this vet but my neighbor had a bad diarohea problem with her 12 year old bichons and they fixed it and they were fine after a week or more. Well the vet is on upper bukit timah road next to this hhop for dogs called mr. dog and under a pet shop called pawsnfurs

Ps my neighbor really recommends it i thin kits called veterinary clinic or some think

hope i could help you Annika

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