Monday, December 14, 2009

Whats a really good pore cleanser?

I%26#039;ve always had really bad porous and acne-prone skin, and I%26#039;m finally fed up. Looking for anyones input on what a really good if not the best cleanser/scrub to get rid large pores and to achieve super smooth skin? Thanks.|||you could invest in a face steamer

years and years of usage

Just add water to it or maybe add a little oil

and there you go your face will feel better and your pore%26#039;s will be cleaned|||Products: The best type of face wash in my opinion is %26quot;Aveeno dairly brightening scrub%26quot;

It treats acne but isn%26#039;t really harsh.

at night use clean %26amp; clear dual defense moisterizer.

Then use neatrogena moisterizer w/ spf

and use there %26quot;skin clearing%26quot; foundation %26amp; powder. works really well.

For your pores you NEED to get a chemical peel. It sounds harsh but really its just a facial, costs about $90 bucks but it is so worth it.

I had bad pores %26amp; acne, but after the first treatment my 1/2 my acne went away and my pores were 3/4 smaller.

I got one about every 1 and 1/2 months for a year and now my skin is really clear.

I get one twice a year now just to keep it fresh.

Good luck !|||I find eucerin the best for acne prone skin..its non alcohol and perfume ingredients helps skin to regenerate without all the chemicals!!never use clearasil or any of those spot targets products.The alcohol level of them cause skin to dry out which activates more sebum production which leads to more spots!!A scrub twice a week followed by a Hydrating mask will help a lot. Also small tip%26lt; If you have a annoying spot squeeze it but make sure you use alcohol on it afterwards to prevent infection and scarring!!And apply Zink on it for few days it dissapears..not toothpaste.If you dont have Eucerin in you country any Chemist product will help not cheapy shop brands they are full of perfume to smell nice and full of Chemicals!!Compare it to Sweets to Fruit which is better for you??Hope this helps you!Also a monthly Facial will help if you have the Finances!!|||I use Biore pore strips once in a while, but what really helps is using Queen Helens Oatmeal and Honey scrub. I use it every 2-3 days focusing on the nose area and it really helps to exfoliate and makes skin glow!…|||i use ice lemon water to wash my face first and then use this facial steamer that really opens up your pores, then i wash my face with iced lemon water again, it works really well for me and is also good for sensitive skin :) x|||clinique. seriously. it%26#039;ll save your skin!|||dont use pro-activ it didnt work on my skin. iUse that cheap target brand one. It works better than pro-activ for me!!|||tea tree oil ftw!

natural tree oil is best


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