Monday, December 14, 2009

Do you use clinique pore minimizer?

I want a product that can shrink my pores or make them smaller or however you describe it. Does this product satisfy you? Or what other brand doyou use to minimize pores and why is is making your pores small good for your skin? thanks!|||Yes, I have used that and I have noticed no change in my pore size. But, I now use Mary Kay Velocity Cleanser and Moisturizer and my face is cleaner, my blackheads and whiteheads are gone (very noticeable on nose or below mouth in a 10x mirror), my face is smoother, and the pores aren%26#039;t so big anymore.

1. no

2. Mary Kay :))

3. I really don%26#039;t know...sorry! Try wikipedia or google

Mary Kay Links--


Velocity:鈥?/a>|||No, you can%26#039;t buy Mary Kay at the mall-the only downside. BUT, you can get a consultant on Mary Kay%26#039;s site-very easy... that%26#039;s what I do. Report Abuse
|||I used it and didn%26#039;t notice any change either. I also used Vichy and again no change.

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