Monday, December 14, 2009

When using a blakhead pore strip on your nose do you put it sticky side down or up?

I I couldn%26#039;t understand the instructions. Do you put the sticky side against the skin or on top??/|||sticky side on the skin, so the pores can come out, like they%26#039;re neing pulled out. Now when you take it off you have to yank it off don%26#039;t do it piece, by piece, yank it. It won%26#039;t hurt, it%26#039;ll just feel numb after 3 seconds, but just tap some cold water and it%26#039;ll be all better, and to get the reddness off, if there are any, use cold water.|||Sticky side down|||sticky side down, then it sticks to your skin then tries to pull out the blackheads...|||yeah dont you want them to stick your pad there sticky side down|||down, against the skin|||down i think|||Put the sticky bit on your nose.|||the point of these is to stick to your pores and pull out the dirt. how else would you put the strip on your nose?|||sticky side down|||down, so that it sticks to whatever it%26#039;s trying to get out.|||down, but make sure your nose is washed, and still damp, but your hands are dry|||check the links below for natural homemade beauty tips to:Blackheads/

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hair highlighting/Weight loss etc...|||u put sticky side against ur skin|||Down. Is it the kind where you have to wet your nose beforehand?|||um.. how would it stick to ur nose if it WASNT the sticky side????|||sticky side down on your skin to pull off the black heads, wash your face throughly after you take it off then rince with cold water this will close your pores and help the bacteria not to spread back into your pores.|||sticky side against the skin|||The sticky side goes down against your skin.|||sticky side against the skin.|||down|||sticky side against your skin. just wet your nose then put the strip on.|||Sticky on your skin!|||wet your face or the strip - put it on with sticky side on your face after its dry pull off slow - look at all those zits|||it wouldnt work very well with the sticky side up. make sure your nose is really really wet and apply the sticky side to the skin.|||put it up so flys land on it...

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