Monday, December 14, 2009

When I use Topicort, why holes started to apear in my skin and my pore size increased?

I have this skin condition on my face for 2 years now and it itches alot. First I started to have dry, thick skin and under neath the layer of the dry skin, it started to itch. Than small pink and purple like patches started to appear. I used differin in the morning and duac gel at night, but it didnt work. Now Im using Topicort and its very oily and after a few days of using Topicort, holes or small crevaces started to appear. Now I cant live a normal life now. Help?|||It is a hydrocortisone type cream which kind of %26quot;plumps%26quot; your skin, making pores more noticeable.|||If your skin is a dry, and you are bothered by it, I suggest you try Zenmed Sensitive Skin Care System from Zenmed or Autopalm from

Zenmend has no side effects and it%26#039;s non-irritant to the

skin. It%26#039;s proven to works fast and it povides Maximum

results! It%26#039;s certainly a good lotion to prevent further


Another product that I think is effective is Autopalm. This

dry skin mlm is one of the best seller at now.

( holds more than 10,000 skin care products) It%26#039;s pretty effective, and worth the dollar paid out.

Here%26#039;s are some good references:

Dry skin

Products that are effective to eliminate dry skin鈥?/a>

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