Monday, December 14, 2009

I am 21 and my skin has become more oily over the year. What pore-refining products do you all use?

clinique by far is total ownage.

they have their own line for pore minimizing, and i was AMAZED by their instant pore minimizer. you can use it beneath or ontop of makeup and it works so well! clinique is a good company all together and their products won%26#039;t clog your pores or cause you to break out.

good luck!|||Don%26#039;t just get one and try it out. Have options and let it be suitable for u. I do prefer the website here. SEE THE CHANGE.|||The source below discusses oily skin care and home treatments you can try.|||i will suggest you to use a brand new product in USA: oslee sleeping masks, this is a good product that is new in USA, it calls sleeping masks, it has 5 different species: Whitening sleeping mask, Oil Controlling Sleeping Mask, Dark Circle Reducing Sleeping Mask, Pore-Refining Sleeping Mask and Clear Spa Sleeping Mask Advanced Formula. You can put some of the sleeping masks on your face before you sleep and then wash it the next day. i used it and it really improve my skin problems like: acne and black head. The sleeping masks are a very fabulous product that can save a lot of time for women because you just use your sleeping time to take care your skin that why i share with all of you but the only way i can buy them are on ebay and also the are under $10 so they are very cheap, hopefully you will try them and solve your skin problems

here is the link for the cheaper sleeping masks but she only have two species of the sleeping masks:|||Proactiv has a gentle formula set that is great if you are wanting good maintnence without some harsh cleansers. It doesn%26#039;t get too dry and the cleanser has menthol in it so it feels great when you wash it off, like freshly applied carmex. And if you only like the cleanser but not the rest of it, the deep cleansing body wash is the exact same thing but in a bottle that is twice as big and only like $3 more. Its great.|||Ive tried so many products that make my skin feel dry or good for only like an 1 hour until I feel like my face gets a bit oily. Remember its key to not dry out your skin or it could get oilier so remember to moisturize daily and regulary. The olay oil free moisturizers work great for me. Also instead of trying so many products externally Id recommend taking Vitamins, espicially Vitman B5. If not eating lots of whole grains, egg, meat, and vegetables.

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