Monday, December 14, 2009

How do I solve pore problem?

I heard pore only last till teenagers.

But I want to get rif of them fast because I got a girl friend.

Sometimes when I scratch my face it pops and pup and blood come out so I hate it.

I tried biore soap, put toothpast on my face before I sleep, poped all of the pores.

but none of them works. Its just getting worse please help.|||I am so sorry for you, but on the bright side, you did get a girl friend even with the bad skin so you must have alot of good qualities! Nobody sees you at night, so lay on a hot wash cloth for 1-2 minutes to steam open and soften those pores, then gently wipe. It%26#039;s okay for some of them to pop and ooze as that is why the bumps are there. Something is trying to make its way up and out, and if it pops, it was ready. Medicate your face. Use a clean pillow case EVERY night, or even the soft flannel of a baby%26#039;s receiving blanket (4 in a package about $5 at Target, etc if it%26#039;s messy and gross). In the a.m. Lay on the hot wash cloth, like steam open those pores again. Wipe off the medication. Lay on an icy cold wash cloth for 1-2 minutes to close the pores, or toughen them up for the day. Medicate with whatever they advise for daytime use. Do this first thing, so that your face has a chance to calm down before you have to leave.

Wash your pillowcases and washcloths separately in the hottest water with bacteria-killing detergent (or add bleach). Dry on hot. Have you been to a dermatologist? Maybe you need more than a cream.|||They%26#039;re called %26quot;pimples%26quot; or %26quot;zits%26quot; when they get like that. They dont only affect teens. They can be caused by stress and bad hygeine among other things. The stress zits are a viscious cycle! You get stressed and they pop up and then in turn it makes you more stressed so more pop up. just wash your face and neck with soap and water whenever you%26#039;re in a bathroom. pat your face dry, dont rub. try not to touch your face as germs from the hands can clog the pores and make it worse. And just calm down try and erase some of the stress in your life. I%26#039;m sure your girlfriend has things about her that make her just as worried as you and do you notice them very much? My guess is no. So dont think that she%26#039;s that judgmental. Good luck|||I know it sucks and I shoud follow my own advice but don%26#039;t pop them it spreads and that%26#039;s why its gettign worse casue all it is doing is preading the bacteria all over your face...There is a product you can buy and I am pretty much acne free, it%26#039;s called %26quot;Loreal Adult Acne Peel...%26quot; It works amzinglt it%26#039;s 23.99 and I will swera by it. It also helps for old scars...Your girlfriend liked you with acne so don%26#039;t do this for her...acne takes time to heal and go away...if you try to rush it it will get worse then you will eventually have skin irritations that make your face red constantly or you will have craters on your face that you can never get rid of ...Good Luck!!!!|||Just keep popping them, and squeezing out the puss. It starts to get fun after a while. Just be sure to squeeze out all of the puss and clear liquid as you can.|||One word,%26quot;Proactive%26quot;!

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