Monday, December 14, 2009

What are some good pore cleaners for sensitive skin?


Two cleansers

flor de clava, or ginco from Coonobabe when you wash with cleanser pat dry your face, no rubbing.

You should always use a toner after washing with cleanser.

I recommend their Savila toner, or Seng %26amp; Sang.

Remember when using toner apply with cotton swab and allow to air dry.

I gave my boyfriend the Pepino cleanser with the Manzanillo toner for his oily skin. His face has cleared up significantly since he started using the cleanser/toner. hope this helps/|||I have very sensitive skin because I have rosacea and keratosis Pilaris rubra faceii on my face. I haven%26#039;t found any real good pore cleansers because they all aggravate my skin. Scrubs are the best to minmize pores. But I think a regular face cleanser works just fine. I use eucerin redness relief because that%26#039;s the only one that doesn%26#039;t hurt my skin but it cleans pretty well.

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