Monday, December 14, 2009

How often to use pore refining mask?

i just bought burt%26#039;s bees organic pore refining mask. i didn%26#039;t know how often i was suppose to use it

once a week? every day? once a month?|||I use another refining mask, and it says to use it every other day.

Usually, it says it on the package.

However, don%26#039;t use it everyday! It%26#039;s not good for your face, it could actually irritate it. Only wash your face everyday.

Use the refining mask a couple times a week. (every 2 or 3 days)|||I think once a week should be alright, maybe even twice a week if its gentle...some masks can be used more often. It depends on what the mask has in it if it stings or has chemicals that change the skin in any way. If its just a soft cleansing or moisturising mask you can use those everyday. Ones that are harsher on the skin should only be used once a week or fortnight even.|||once a day would probably be best

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