Monday, December 14, 2009

What is the best pore treatment in stores . how much does it cost ?

have pores around corner of nose .|||First off, it should be something that matches you skin type (ie: oily, dry, combination skin). Next, if you have sensitive skin look for something that does not have many chemicals and is mild so as not to redden your skin. Natural things are nice, but sometimes they%26#039;re not. I myself like Oxy (its a black container face wash). I think its the best and it does not clog pores.|||there is a natural one at it has good reveiws. i will give u the link鈥?/a>|||p[oractive i think 30 bucks a month|||a clear blue astringent

use a cotton ball to rub it on ur nose every day

bout 5 bucks

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