Monday, December 14, 2009

Getting rid of an open pore from cyst?

ok so i am wanting info... after a cyst was popped, this open hole, im assuming its an open pore has remained now for months.... how do you get rid of this? it looks horrible!! what about treating it with tca? has ayone done this? the cyst was on ly upper thigh btw NOT face. thanks!|||Bondo|||I would say you see a doc. A plastic surgeon actually. They can usually give you 1-2 stitches to close it and then it will heal.|||well you can%26#039;t get rid of it and tca is not a good idea unless done by a pro. the pore was stretched out, so its gonna be stretched out, but you can minimize it by keeping it clean and exfoliating daily with a body scrub made to be used daily. tca burns the skin and if used wrong can cause horrible scars that can%26#039;t be undone. plus the ones you can get off ebay aren%26#039;t really fda approved and you can%26#039;t be sure of the potency therefor you can%26#039;t be sure they are safe.

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