Monday, December 14, 2009

Does Proactiv help to reduce pore size?

My mom got a 30-day trial set for my sister and I to share. I don%26#039;t really have acne, but my pores are kind of big. Does proactiv help with that?|||It DOES help with pores. But it SUCKS with acne.

Sowwy =O|||you can never reduce your pore sizes, you can of course make them look smaller, but you can never make them smaller, and acne stuff isn%26#039;t gonna help. and you really shouldn%26#039;t share that kind of stuff. that%26#039;s how germs travel, and i tried proactiv, didn%26#039;t do a damn thing about my acne, use either neutrogena, or clinique.|||no proactiv does not help with that, you should see a dermatologist, there are creemes that lower the pore size.

using proactiv might inflame your skin and cause you to itch and make your pore sizes even worse|||biore has really good products|||I use proactive and as far as I know it has not changed the size of my pores. Then again I%26#039;m not always consistent with it.|||I never had any luck with it reducing pore size, but it did help clear some acne.|||No it doesn%26#039;t.

Not really much makes pores smaller.

Just less noticible

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