Monday, December 14, 2009

I want to bring my fiance who is studying in S'pore.she is a can i call her to usa.i m US citize

which way is the best way to bring her .i%26#039;m an usa citizen.she is staying in singapore with student long will it take to get visa?|||you can aply to get a fiance visa, whereby she has 3 months (I think) from when she gets the visa to enter USA and marry you (on the basis that she is accepted for this visa). Then when you are married, you can apply for a marriage visa. It%26#039;s like, a K-1 visa and then a K-3 visa. You should definately look on the immigration website. If you are very serious about this, try talkin to a specialised attorney or something. Note, this won%26#039;t be cheap...and quick!|||marry her|||I%26#039;m not too sure use a search engine it always has the answer to everything if you just look hard enough.

Good luck :)

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