Thursday, December 17, 2009

The S'pore Budget 2009 in Parliament, just over(6pm 22/1/09). What is your liking in it? Do it covers well? ?

The budget covers.....Local %26amp; Foreign Industries, SMC %26amp; SME, family %26amp; individual, students %26amp; babies, environment %26amp; foreign investment set-up, job lost %26amp; job gain, training %26amp; deployment..........What else being left out %26amp; not covered?|||It is a case of Santa Claus coming late as now has passed christmas. At a glance, it is a good budget helping all round especially paying a huge sum to keep jobs, I think many workers are grateful of that. besides there are also financial assistance helping almost every household particularly the lower income group. Of course, in whatever circumstances, there will always be some dissatisfaction, but you can%26#039;t deny that the government had tried its best. Learn to be grateful.|||so sad that autistic and those with special needs....i dont hear any about them...:(

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