Thursday, December 17, 2009

Every single pore on my nose is clogged!! How can I fix this?!?

I%26#039;ve had this problem for years. Every once in a while I sit in the bathroom sink and squeeze the gunk out, but it always comes back. Gross, I know, thats why I want to fix it. Can someone that had this problem tell me what they did??|||As a teenager I had the very same problem. I honestly don%26#039;t know what happened, but it eventually cleared up. I can%26#039;t tell you what to do, but I can tell you that you shouldn%26#039;t be squeezing the gunk out of them. It may leave permanent marks on your face. Seek the advice of a dermatologist.|||Try Lavender oil. It will help with zits and pimples. Make sure you wash your face everyday as much as you can. Also to try not picking at your face to much, it will only make it worse.|||You need to get on a skin care regimen that includes a clarifyer which will help deep clean your pores. Also using Biore strips once or twice a week will do wonders. All of the Biore line focuses on helping to have clean pores.|||Please don%26#039;t squeeze them! Squeezing that %26quot;gunk%26quot; out causes inflammation, redness and can infect the area with bacteria (from your nails) while pushing some of the dead cells DEEPER into your skin!

There pore strips that people are talking about are a great idea, they can help by drying the area and temporarily unclogging some of the pores... However... The best idea is to ensure that you are eating well (fruit, veges, anti-oxidant rich foods and some omega 3 fatty acids) coupled with loads of water (minimum of 2 L - 8 standard glasses)... Exercise also helps by releasing toxins and stimulating vital organs (including skin - it is your largest organ after all).

Seriously, this will help. I used to suffer from lots of blemishes - including the blackheads all over my nose! But they%26#039;re slowly clearing up. I%26#039;d say that in 3 weeks they%26#039;ve decreased by over 50% and my whiteheads are non-existant (blackheads are just stubborn!)... Good luck.

P.S. I know its hard not to squeeze. If you have to, use pimple removing tools such as the one brought out by manicare.|||Rinse your nose and face with your bare hand and hot as water as you can stand. That will take away the extra oil. Keep rinsing until it doesn%26#039;t feel oily.|||Go to a dermatologist let them look at and evaluate your skin. Their might be a reason your pores keep clogging. monthly facials might help or maybe microdermabrasion.|||Biore has them in the face cream aisle|||Proactiv is the best stuff. It works just as great as advertised although it does run about 60 dollars every 3 months but is worth it. A more inexpensive approach would be to continue your current skin regime but 2 times a week, steam your face. Boil a pot of water, when it at a rolling boil cut the heat. Stick your face over the pot with a towel over it for about 10 min. After that splash your face with cool water, dry, then apply a pore cleansing/minimizing mask per directions.|||go proactiv. It works|||Use proactive, I have a friend that uses them and all the pores and pimples went away in just few weeks. However, if you stop, the problem might occurs again. Other than that, you could always go to the facials. So it depends on how much money would you spend for a free pimple nose. Some might find it priceless :-)|||use astringent to clean|||If you%26#039;re referring to blackheads on your nose, they make extractors that are supposed to help you get rid of blackheads. I%26#039;ve never used one before but they%26#039;re supposed to work pretty well. Here%26#039;s a link to some:鈥?/a>|||the only thing you can do is squeeze the oil and dirt out of your pores and use a really good cleanser with Sal acid. and *** a follow up a really good spot treatment with benzoyl peroxide.|||A healthy diet is always important to good skin. Always drink plenty of water to hydrate your skin, and for pimples drinking jasmine tea helps very much. Remember to wash your face daily. Then apply toner to your face and neck. Then apply lotion to your face and neck. Remember to put it on your neck because many people make the mistake by not doing that. Many people鈥檚 necks are very dirty and if they wash their face, but not neck it does not help a bit. If you have pimples apply a drop of tea tree oil on it before you go to bed. If you don鈥檛 have the oil just apply toothpaste. However, don鈥檛 use the whitening or any other kind of toothpaste because you don鈥檛 want to bleach your skin. If you have problems on your nose you should get biore strips. If you would like ant specific kind of face wash, I use AUBREY Organics: Natural Herbal. It is all vegan, and it has 100% natural ingredients. For more information go to or or

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