Monday, December 14, 2009

Which brand is good to reduce pore size for sensitive skin?

Arbonne, the Intelligence line is the best stuff, I didnt think much of at first, but since i spent the money on it, i kept using it and I LOVE it!!!!|||I don%26#039;t have sensitive skin but I do know of a brand that is good for sensitive skin (along with a ton of other skin types). Serious Skin Care.

They have a line for every type of skin issue known to man. I have been using their adult acne line along with some of their other lines for 8 years, they work and are good.

My mom (in her 60%26#039;s) uses them, my 21 yr old brother uses their olive oil line, my 22 yr old sister uses their sensitive skin care line. I know Sylvester Stallone even uses their line! Can%26#039;t beat that.

Here is their website:

and they are also on the HSN website: (look under the beauty tab)|||my mom use it is olay

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