Monday, December 14, 2009

What are some good noncomedogenic (non-pore-clogging) makeup products? ?

I have oily acne-prone sensitive skin and thinking about buying new makeup but I have no idea where to start being that a lot of the popular products are for people with regular skin. I%26#039;m mainly looking for concealer and foundation but any other product reviews would be great too. :)|||Get real makeup, not stuff from the drugstore. MAC is great (and they don%26#039;t test on animals, like covergirl, l%26#039;oreal, and maybelline)|||yes, however mac doesn%26#039;t have too big of a selection on noncomedogenic products. most of their stuff is really heavy and bad for people with skin like mine. Report Abuse
|||ANY makeup will clog your pores if you don%26#039;t take it off at night no matter the brand or quality of it. there are so many great brands out there its just finding the best for you.

If you have really sensitive skin i would HIGHLY recommend Clinique cosmetics. every single one of their products are 100% Allergy tested and 100% fragrance free. all their products are also tested by a dermatologist. They also have over 20 diff rent foundations so you can custom fit the exact foundation for you skin type, coverage, finish, and alot of other great benefits.|||i have tried a wide range of make-up products and i found this brand concealer and foundation is suitable for sensitive skin and by applying it the skin complexion also look more natural unlike other brands foundation. The brand that I highly recommend is Ed.Pinaud (this is a France product where its quite hard to get in many different place, if you are interested in it, you can drop me a mail at mayb I can send the product to you as I am the member of this brand)|||cover girl has liqiud foundation, thtat is oil-free and helps keep you that way all day!! i love it, and it covers really good if you just dab it on |||Clinique is the best. My dermatologist highly recommends either that or Almay for not clogging pores (as much as other products)

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