Thursday, December 17, 2009

If water flows through a rock area quick does that mean there are big pore spaces or little?

Fluid flow through a rock depends not only to the porosity but also to the permeability of the rock.

Permeability is a measure of the ability of the rock body to transmit fluids. It is a complex function of some properties such as pores interconnectivity and fluid viscosity.|||means how interconnected the spaces are so that. water can flow freely between them. ... pore space: the volume of the open spaces in rock or soil.

A smaller stream that flows into (%26quot;runs%26quot; to) a ... The underground area in which water is held in the pores and spaces within the sediments or rock.with either too much or too little water in pore spaces between grains ... e., stuck) during flow through pores or they stick to the rock (or soil|||there is little pores because the smaller the opening the more water pres. builds up so the water will flow alot faster.but if there was a bigger pore there would be no pres. and it would move but at a slower rate.|||the answer is not so simple. we must also take into account what the porous material is made up of and what surface charges exists before we can determine how fast it will transmit water.

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