Monday, December 14, 2009

I washed my face with Clearasil Ultra Deep Pore Treatment wash and my mouth area is red, irritated and flaky?

when I first used it, I expected my skin to be tight but it got way out of hand, and the skin beneath my mouth became blotchy, and red and flaky. i%26#039;ve been putting lotion on it, and have avoided washing that part of my face with it again, but it didn%26#039;t seem to affect my cheek or jaw area at all.

it%26#039;s been about a week, and the skin is still a bit blotchy, could i have gotten a chemical burn / is it permanent?|||Clearasil is strong stuff - I highly advise you to use products for sensitive skin. These products won%26#039;t have any perfume, or any other ingredients that might make your skin react the way it did to clearasil.

Don%26#039;t worry, it%26#039;s not permanent. Just don%26#039;t use the stuff again =)

PS: try savlon if your skin is still irritated.|||Sounds like you have sensitive skin and it was a bit too harsh on you. I would say don%26#039;t use it again, and try something softer like Witch or Simple (I recommend Simple!)

It%26#039;s no permanent at all I shouldn%26#039;t think =]

Hope this helps|||First youy have sensitive skin and you should try some other wash that is no so strong on your skin like clean%26amp;clear but not right away take like a few day%26#039;s before uesing it|||It%26#039;s not a chemical burn, it%26#039;s just too astringent for your skin. You%26#039;ll be fine in a week, make sure you don%26#039;t use anything as strong again. I would suggest you try Lush skincare, it is designed for sensitive skin and is very effective.|||Clearasil is practically one step away from putting bleach on your face.

Suggest using Jurlique Balancing and cleansing lotion, worked wonders for my acne prone skin without making it dry or red at all.

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