Monday, December 14, 2009

Do those Biore Pore Strips actually work?

I%26#039;ve read some reviews on them, and some liked them, some people didn%26#039;t. I have sensitive and oily skin, I don%26#039;t have many blackheads just some on my nose. I%26#039;ve tried many black head eliminating scrubs and nothing has worked. Have these strips worked for anyone? Will they get rid of my blackheads or just make my pores appear smaller? Thanks for any info!!|||I use them once every 2 weeks and i guess they work pretty good, they leave your skin really smooth- but it may irritate your skin.|||i tried them for the first time last week..

they worked, but hurt like a B**** to pull off! MAJOR OUCH!!!

I%26#039;d like to that say it%26#039;s a major difference to ME but other%26#039;s cant tell because my nose isn%26#039;t full of blackheads...

if you barely have can always put a warm towel on your face, get some tweezers and pluck them individually, i used to do that

they are kind of expensive, i think like 7 or 8 bucks for a box of 8 strips....

you should try for another brand....

but if money isn%26#039;t an issue...................couldn%26#039;t hurt to try|||these did not work for me. i also have sensitive and oily skin. when your skin is sensitive... taking off the pore strips will usually strip yous skin off as well... and it hurts soooo terribly. they kinda made my pores worse. but if you wanna try... use some masking tape first so it gets off the easy ones. then wash your face with really warm water so your pores open and then put the strips on and follow instructions and peel off slowly.

if not... i got rid of my blackheads using clearasil blackhead control scrub. it smells so good and clears all of them away. even any zits you have. good luck =]|||I have oily skin, too. I used those strips and they work. They%26#039;re good for small whiteheads as well. Make sure you follow directions precisely on the box! They%26#039;re not the BEST for deep blackheads though. Hope it helped!|||Sadly, no. But the pads that are used for the Wave work good for me =]|||no ( =

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