Monday, December 14, 2009

Did the JI leader Mas Selamat cast a spell on S'pore security to escape?

considering that he walk with a limp!|||Hrmm.. I was thinking the same thing too. But not on Singapore though. He probably learned spells or any %26#039;knowledge%26#039; to basically disappear from people%26#039;s eyes.|||The security guard outside the toilet must be sleeping or not paying attention (turned away) when he escaped. I don%26#039;t think he used black magic because if he can do black magic, why didn%26#039;t he only escape now and not eariler. Some people actually said that he is killed by the people there, but I don%26#039;t think so coz if so, the people the government will not even tell the public that anything has happened.|||singapore to singaporeans is so safe that we tend to think nothing will happen as long as the government doesn%26#039;t make enemies so thats properly why the guard doesn%26#039;t really bother following him into the toilet|||what about Osama Bin Laden? how come the whole world is looking for Mas Selamat - but not Osama?

where is the global interpol for Osama? who has been missing since 2001....|||I think so. It was only 4 hours later, the police released that Mas Selamat is on the run.|||He doesn%26#039;t need to cast any spells.

That country is so bloody safe (and boring) that the cops there probably have next to no experience handling crime, criminals and security. No surprise that a limp, middle-age man can escape them|||yeah agree with most answers, not possible that black magic of any sort was used. should be a lapse in the security system, despite the seemingly impossible escape was made despite the many layers of security, he indeed got away! this is truly headlines and it has caused so much trouble for everyone due to the jams at tuas checkpoint and woodlands as well...

anyway do not forget there may be other members who are unknown... he has so much help, not to worry about his survival. guess sg shouldn%26#039;t be too over-confident as usual.|||Wake up, Muppets!!! If there is ever such thing as spells and black magic, terrorists would not need to send their own people to commit suicide bombings, and just use the spells and black magic to kill all their enemies. It would be truly World Peace then, Morons!!!|||Don%26#039;t understand and don%26#039;t know who came up with the idea about Mas using spell or black magic... Please lah!!! You need %26#039;equipment%26#039; to perform spell and black magic one (just like those in movies).

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