Friday, January 8, 2010

The PLAY of LUCK is real for Alonso in F1 Race in S'pore & now in Japan. Will he be lucky in China & Brazil?

The other chap really loves and knows hes car racing.

I don%26#039;t care who wins....But the point is they are all expert

drivers, that is why they race as they do....each time they

collect points .... so who has the most wins.

Whooopy Doooo!

Alfonso has always been a top car racer.....many, many more

times that Hamilton ! who is like a new kid on the block.

So , again.....who really cares ? People that like this sort of


Ps.( cool hat Artoro ! but now you look 17 instead of 7...)|||Even if Alonso wins both of the last 2 races he still has no chance of becoming champion. He now has 48 points and with 2 more wins he will have 68 points. Hamilton already has 84 points so only has to win 1 more race to clinch it. The only 2 drivers who could beat Hamilton are Massa or Kubica.

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